Healthy Living After Age 40

Women do not turn 40 and automatically begin to have their hormone levels decline and their weight go through the roof. It may seem that way, but the truth is that these issues have been gradually gaining steam from about the mid-thirties. Bone density levels, hormone production and the metabolism all begin to change after women reach the age of about 35. By the time someone is in their 40s the changes have become noticeable and as menopause draws closer it usually becomes obvious when Hormone Replacement may be necessary.

What signs are there that hormone therapy is needed?

All women will experience a rapid decline in their hormone levels but not all require therapy. It is only when women experience extreme negative side effects that HRT is something their physician considers. These side effects include severe mood swings or bouts of depression. It could mean uncontrollable weight gain or hot flashes that interrupt daily life. The loss of hair, itchy skin and painful intercourse may also cause women to seek help.

How does Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy help?

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Hormone therapy helps by raising the hormone levels back to normal and eliminating the side effects women feel when the levels are too low. Using natural bioidentical hormones makes it possible to have something that is healthier, more effective and closer to what the body would produce when compared to a synthetic hormone.

What changes do women experience with BHRT Therapy?

Women using bioidentical hormone therapy may discover they fall asleep easier at night and sleep more soundly. The condition of their hair and skin improve, their memory improves and they have more energy. Depression and mood swings are less of a concern and weight loss is easier. Hot flashes and night sweats are less frequent or stop entirely and sexual desire may increase. Hormone Health And Wightloss is a big issue as many women not only gain weight when their hormone levels decline but gain it in their midsection. A wide waist is a known indicator of the risk of heart disease in women.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is not a magic cure for every woman. It will only help those that are genuinely suffering from a hormonal imbalance. Even with the supplement, there is still a need to be under medical supervision and the patient must be active in their own wellbeing. A healthy diet plan, fitness program and learning how to manage stress are all a part of this process. Talk to a doctor to schedule a consultation to discuss the benefits of hormone therapy.